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The Sacramento Metropolitan Area is booming—thousands of new jobs, thriving downtown districts filled with new businesses, and better roads.

Rancho Cordova has been slower to benefit from this boom. We need a new economic development strategy to create new jobs and kick opportunity into high gear. Our city should focus on developing smarter housing options and more local businesses in our core. We also need to maintain our roads while continuing to build attractive communities south of Highway 50. And as Rancho Cordova grows, the city must maintain excellent police and fire coverage.

The only way to get Rancho Cordova to reach its full potential is new leadership. Jack Zwald has the new ideas the city needs to reach the next level.

The redevelopment of Folsom Boulevard will be Jack’s number one priority in office. Jack wants to work with business owners, developers, and city staff so families can have a great time without leaving town. Part of that is bringing family-friendly entertainment—a movie theater, a bowling alley, and more dining options—that most cities take for granted.

As a member of the city council Jack will be a supporter of transit-centered development, open space, parks, and walkable communities.

We should develop smarter housing options in our core—where residents and visitors can walk to shopping, dining, work, and transit—and family-friendly communities south of Highway 50. Putting in shielded bike lanes and scenic walking paths will make Rancho Cordova safer, healthier, and stronger. And we should never neglect our older neighborhoods because every resident of our city deserves good parks, good roads, and first-rate public services.

Together we can ensure Rancho Cordova remains attractive to young families, first-time homebuyers, veterans, and seniors who are essential to our city’s future.

Jack will make reducing traffic a priority. He will fight for funding to fix the city’s worst intersections and light rail crossings.

Jack will not waver in his support of our police and firefighters who keep our community safe. As our city grows, this means making public safety our top budget priority. This requires investing in roads, substations, and new vehicles that keep response times low. The city must also invest in equipment that keeps our officers and firefighters safe and training that keeps our first responders on the cutting edge of their fields.

The Rancho Cordova College Promise pays the fees of recent high school graduates attending Folsom Lake College in their first year.  Students who already have their fees paid for get a supplemental grant.

However, the State of California recently made community college free for first-time students for two years.

We can use that new funding to support Rancho Cordova students training for high-skill jobs at every college in our area and provide additional help to our neediest students.  Many students will not seek a four-year degree and this change will provide every student with the opportunity they deserve.

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